Melt Blown Filters 10" Slimline

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Melt Blown Filter Cartridge


Diameter: 2.5" - 63mm

Length: 10" - 254mm

It features fused and intertwined polypropylene fibre without the use of chemicals or glue.

The fibres are bonded randomly to form 3-D micro porosity in three zones.

There are fine fibres for efficient particle removal and coarse fibres for strength of the structure.

Changing fibre size and density creates the needed filtration rating.

With lower density on the outer surface and tighter pores when moving to the inside,

it can remove contaminant effectively, such as suspended substances, particulates and rust,

providing efficient filtration and long service life.

Product characteristics:

•  Three-zone structure cartridge offers high dirt holding capacity and longer service life

•  Formed by thermal bond without using binders or adhesives

•  100% pure polypropylene will not contaminate the treated liquid

•  Wide chemical compatibility

•  All common adaptors are available.

•  FDA compliant material

Max. Operating temperature: 65℃

Max. Operating DP: 2.0 Bar @ 21°C


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